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126 different Miniatures
(70 - Core Set : 51 - Spoils of War : 2 - Souls of Vengeance : 3 - Realms, Darkmoon Faire & Continental Championship)

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155 different Action Bar Cards : 173 with Equipment Cards
(91 - Core Set : 58 - Spoils of War : 6 - Souls of Vengance / 8 Spoils of War Equipment Cards : 10 Crafting Redemption Equipment Cards [5 from each set])

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What's inside the Warcraft Minis Starter & Boosters Sets

  • Each booster pack will contain three random figures. All three figures will be from the same randomly selected faction (Alliance, Horde, or Monster). 2 Common 1 Rare, 1 in 8 boosters will have an Epic. (Epic contains 1 Common, 1 Rare & 1 Epic.) Each booster has a randomly inserted sample Loot card. And a UDE Points card for the Crafting Redemption Program.
  • Starter Sets will contain 2 Exclusive Horde Minis, 2 Exclusive Alliance Minis, 6 dice, 4 character cards, 8 customizable action bar cards, six UBase™ miniature bases, one two-sided map, one rulebook, and a checklist of Core Set miniatures.
  • Deluxe Editions will contain 6 Random Minis, 6 Character Cards, 12 Action Bar Cards, Deluxe Game Board, Terrain/Token Sheet, 6 UBases, 6 Custom Dice, Core Set Checklist, Rulebook and Scenario Guide, World of Warcraft TCG Preview Loot Card


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